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Long shot You might be able to narrow down the VIN range by checking date codes, plant where built, paint and trim codes and at least give them a chance to find the IBM card for the car. I don't know if they can search by the SO number.

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Jun 21, 6. I don't know about Colorado, but in Nebraska the state may issue one, but if anyone from the past shows up with a title within 3 years,, you will lose that car to the previous owner. That includes all the Improvements. Jun 23, 7. Thanks fella's for all the excellent info, and suggestions. It does have the fender tag in place, he is gonna let me know this week if he will accept my offer. Apologize for the delay but ben busy with home improvements, and car shows, since I got my "big-girl" up n running, and it's becoming clear why discerning people who appreciate, a big, beautiful,responsive ride, are so dedicated to these beautiful automobiles Will keep you posted.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. This was offered in , 64, and 65 in Canada only - maybe as well.

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Special thanks to the Andrus family for their patience while I scrutinized their Canadian '65 Custom , which I believe was probably the only one in Northern California at the time mid-'70s. Virtual equivalent to '65 U. V8 models used same emblem as U.

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Valiant with changes as noted above, plus replacement of "Valiant " molding in curl of front fenders with strongly similar "Custom " molding. Custom convertible was offered thanks, Rejan Sayak of Winnipeg, for confirming this, and also for saying there were 4-door Custom sedans; both seem quite rare now. Valiant convertible and 2-door hardtop versions may have been offered in Canada but this is not confirmed. Virtual equivalent to U. Dart GT with hood emblem, grille, trunk lid and interior changes as described under Valiant heading.

Signet located on front fender in about the same position as on Valiant fender on U. Convertible did not have Valiant crest relocated to rear quarter panel as was done with "GT" emblem on U. Dart convertibles. Of course, "DART" block letters on back fenders were deleted. Valiant hubcaps used including fake mag hubcaps, which were not available on U.

Same as '64 except for use of '65 Dart instrument cluster and of course no TorqueFlite pushbuttons. All sedan observations seem to apply here as well. Tail sections match whatever front clip is applied. While Ford and GM particularly Pontiac continued marketing unique cars for the Canadian market, Chrysler's unique Canadian efforts from to the middle s were limited to the Fargo truck line and the occasional car such as the Dodge Monaco convertible. Low-end models based on the U. Valiant were dropped in , leaving only the Dart-based cars and the Barracuda, which was built in Detroit this year and onwards.

Canadian Valiant wheel covers were like the American Plymouth Valiant, only with the Valiant emblem and not the Plymouth on the centre hub.

The reverse this year was true for the "Valiant Signet" fender plates - ads showed them ahead of the wheel opening in the fender depressions, but production models had them between the opening and the front door. The Canadian Signet had the windsplits, but less the "GT" etching. The Barracuda had the Barracuda emblem on the steering wheel, rear window trim and front grille. Apparently early models had "Valiant" on the trunk, but I have only seen "Barracuda" nameplates on the trunk.

The name "Plymouth", naturally, was nowhere to be seen. Model designation on C-pillar. Hubcaps and wheel covers same as '66 Valiant, including full wheel cover as seen on U. No "Dodge" script in right hand corner of trunk. Believed to continue under "Valiant " name although one source shows this as "Custom ". The Dart GT equivalent definitely continued under this name. All Canadian updates to basic and equivalents apply here with the following additional differences: 1 "Valiant Signet" emblem applied to front fender in about the same location as '65 model; 2 Valiant crest in circle as seen on '65 U.

Valiant and '65 Canadian "Custom " trunk lid replaced "GT" emblem on hardtop B-pillar; "Dart" block letters on rear quarter panel near taillight deleted; and 4 Fascia between taillights same as Dart except says "Valiant" instead of "Dodge". Believed identical to U.

I can't find the number that is in my paperwork on the car!

Barracuda with exception of "Valiant" nameplates replacing "Plymouth" nameplates. May also have continued with Valiant crest on horn button or sport steering wheel centerpiece, while U. Barracudas had Plymouth emblem in this position but not on the rear window. Incidentally, Canada was a source for right-hand drive export Valiants. In , I was on the island of St.

I recognized the VC as Australian, but not knowing the Australian Valiant history very well at that time I thought from the steering wheel location the '66 was Australian as well. It wasn't until many years later that I learned that the Australians never used a RHD version of the '66 Dart dash, nor did they use a Dart body shell until later.

By , there was almost no difference between U. This included the belated introduction of the A-body Dodge Dart and moving the Valiant into the Plymouth car line. By one could only tell a Dodge from a Plymouth from the inside by a few small emblems Chrysler Australia introduced the VE Valiant series in The VE was clearly strongly influenced by the Dart.

1965 Barracuda Form. S VIN question

The later Australian Valiant Hardtop was essentially a '69 Dart with right hand drive and front sheetmetal somewhat reminiscient of not identical to a '70 Dart. And the Pacer Hardtop would have been familiar to American Swinger fans, at least until the bonnet was opened The first Dodge Demon was a Canadian show car, featuring a Dart front clip on a lightly modified Duster body and done for a fraction of the cost of a typical show car.

In , when Chrysler had quit importing the Hillman Avenger-based Plymouth Cricket from the UK [it was not brought in after but some were sold as models], Canadian Plymouth dealers got a badge-engineered Dodge Colt which was marketed under the Cricket name. Canadian Dodge dealers in turn got a "Dodge Arrow. The first non-Japanese MoPar car after made exclusively for the Canadian market was the Plymouth Caravelle actually first made in mid , which was initially a Dodge Diplomat clone with modified grille and taillights; it lasted until its American counterpart died in Interesting marketing approach.

With the introduction of the G-body sports model Dodge Daytona in '84, Chrysler Canada started on a different path.

The phasing out of Dodge cars was reversed in when the Dodge SX 2. Also visit the Dodge Dart site, which has its own Canadian section! Valiant Search Cars Dodge Dart.

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Engines ranged from the cid slant-6 to the cid, hp Max Wedge mill, though most cars had cid, cid, and cid V-8s. All Furys of this era had a square body with vertically stacked double headlights. The Fury I had three-quarter-length side molding, the Fury II had a full-length strip, and both trims had single taillights.

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The Fury III had full-length side molding with contrasting color and double taillights. A Sport Fury convertible paced the Indy in and the Pace Car package was available on any Fury, at extra cost. Nearly , Furys were sold in The Fury line was face-lifted, to good effect. Sales for Furys rose slightly to ,