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We define the Tri-anim market as Acute Care only at this time and exclude free-standing, non-hospital affiliated pain management clinics and private pain practices. Product Orders and Quantity. Purchase Orders. Company shall submit to Supplier a purchase order for each order of Products hereunder via facsimile on its standard purchase order form, the terms and conditions of which are incorporated herein by reference, to the extent such terms and conditions do not conflict with the terms and conditions of this Master Agreement. To the extent there is a conflict, the terms and conditions of this Master Agreement will prevail.

The minimum purchase quantity for year two of and for year three of the contract will be determined by negotiation between the Parties at least 60 days prior to the commencement of year two or year three of the contract. Down Payment. Pricing, Invoices, and Payment Terms. Prices for products ordered by distributor shall be set forth on Exhibit A hereto. All pricing increases must be submitted with 90 days advance notice and agreed upon by Company following verification of material cost increases provided by supplier as no arbitrary price increases will be accepted by Company.

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Taxes, Freight, and other Costs. The Company shall bear the cost of freight, FOB destination freight collect, and all other shipment and delivery costs including, packaging, carrier costs, and additional cost for expedited shipments for all disposable units, which will be warehoused at Tri-anim warehouse facilities before being sent to customers.

All capital units will be drop shipped by the Supplier directly to the end-user customer in a timely fashion upon notification of a customer purchase. Company will procure and maintain inventory on all disposable units based on customer demand creation.

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Supplier shall submit an invoice to Company for all each order after its shipment. All invoices shall specify the purchase order to which it relates and reference any discounts or rebates that may be applicable to such order. Payment Terms. Payments for each order shall be made in U. Rebates, Discounts, and Incentives.

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Any rebates, credits, incentives, or discount programs provide by Supplier to Company under this Agreement are specified on Exhibit B. Supplier shall offer Company the right to be the exclusive distributor of any improvement to Product or any product that could be competitive to Product before offering it to any other person or company for distribution. Supplier shall maintain the Mandatory Fill Rate on all orders for Products.

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If Supplier fails to meet the Mandatory Fill Rate by the Delivery Date, Company may charge and Supplier will pay Company a delinquency charge for each day that the Mandatory Fill Rate for the respective purchase order remains unsatisfied. The delinquency charges shall be determined on the basis of the following schedule based on a standard lead time of 60 days for all products:. If due to a delay in Product delivery or nonconforming Product quality, Company deems it necessary to obtain substitute product from another supplier.

To the extent the acquirement of such substitute product, including freight costs, exceeds the price Company would have paid under the Agreement for timely delivered conforming Product, Supplier will pay Company an amount equal to the extra costs incurred by Company to acquire such substitute product. Company shall be responsible for installation, user education and service, required with respect to Product sold by Company, including all related costs and expenses. Supplier shall provide Material Safety Data sheets for potentially harmful substances provided to Company by Supplier, to the extent required by law.

Company shall collaborate with Supplier to develop joint marketing and branding plans for Products. Company shall use, market, sell, and distribute Products according to the Products specifications, instructions, packaging, and labeling provided to Company by Supplier without alteration, modification, or tampering, unless consented to in writing by Supplier. Company shall maintain electronic records of each Product sold by Company and to whom it was sold for at least 3 years following the date of the sale of Product to its customer.

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Company shall refrain from selling, marketing, or distributing Products outside the Territory. In addition to any warranty included in manual or other documentation provided by Supplier with Product, all of which are incorporated herein by reference, Supplier warrants that Products shall conform to the specifications contained in the Agreement and be free from defects in materials, workmanship, and design. Supplier warrants that it has title to the Products it sells to Company and that such Products will be free and clear of all liens, claims, or encumbrances and will be patient-ready condition at the time of transfer to Company.

Supplier further warrants that the Product delivered to Company under this agreement shall have been manufactured in accordance with all applicable statues, ordinances and regulations, including, without limitation, U. Supplier warrants that all expiration dates on Products are accurate. All warranties under this Agreement, including, but not limited to, any warranty included in a manual or other documentation provided with Product, shall remain in effect for at least 12 months following the date of the Products delivery by Company to its customers or, if longer, the date specified in the manuals or other documentation provided by Supplier with Products.

Shipping and Marking. Each shipment shall include paperwork specifying the purchase order and a description of the Products including quantity included in each shipment. No more than three trucks per day may be sent to Company for unloading, unless previously agreed between the Parties. Company will not pay demurrage or any other charges for any trucks sent in excess of this number per day or for trucks that arrive too late to be unloaded.

Company shall inspect Products within 30 days of delivery for count and readily discernible non-conformities in the overall order, including, without limitation, package condition, product codes, package labels, and expiration dates. Company shall notify Supplier of any non-conformity found in this initial inspection.

Supplier shall have 30 days to correct the initial order by providing conforming replacement Products, at no additional cost to Company.

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After the order is found to satisfy this initial inspection and all non-conformities, if any, have been remedied, Company will have 30 additional days to thoroughly inspect the Products. Supplier shall have days to correct the initial order by providing conforming replacement Products, at no additional cost to Company. Supplier shall reimburse Company for the price including any taxes and fees incurred for such order of any Products remaining non-conforming after this second cure period.

At the conclusion of this period, Products shall be deemed to be accepted by Company. Supplier shall bear all risk of loss and shall insure all Products until acceptance by Company.

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