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Intrepid is committed to travelling in a way that is respectful of local people, their culture, local economies and the environment. It's important to remember that what may be acceptable behaviour, dress and language in your own country, may not be appropriate in another. Please keep this in mind while travelling. In India, we stay in locally run accommodation including guesthouses, smaller-scale hotels and homestays in an effort to support the local economies.

We also visit locally-run restaurants and markets where travellers will have opportunities to support local businesses and purchase handicrafts created by local artisans. Show more. Our India trips Search all similar trips. India's Golden Triangle. View Trip. Travel to India and visit the Rajasthan region. Tour from Delhi to Pushkar through Travel to India and Nepal on a tour from Delhi to Kathmandu.

Visit the Taj Mahal of Discover India from bustling Delhi to rural Rajasthan and holy Varanasi. Cruise the Rajasthan Experience. See the best of Rajasthan on this expansive tour. Behold the Taj Mahal, explore North India Revealed. See the essential highlights of north India on this day tour through Delhi, Northern India Family Holiday.

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Take an action-packed family tour of India, following tiger trails, visiting Delhi and India Real Food Adventure. Explore the tropical and spiritual Indian south.

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Join holiday-makers in Ooty, relax in Discover India in all its glory on this day spice-filled adventure, from Delhi, Ages 18 to South India Revealed. Discover the beautiful landscapes of southern India on a fascinating journey from the Join us for a jaunt around north India, with rickshaws in Delhi, spirituality in Real Delhi to Kathmandu. Head from bustling Delhi to remote Tordi, get down and dirty with the best street food, North India Highlights.

Visit ancient temples and colourful cities on this northern India adventure through Real Kathmandu to Delhi. Get on the road from Kathmandu to Delhi. Take a tripfrom Nepal to India, through Get an authentic slice of the real Rajasthan on a trip that takes you to Delhi, Classic South India. Time slows down in South India.

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Travel from Chennai to Kovalam via colonial Pondicherry Explore the best bits of the India on a jam-packed southern adventure, including stops Unforgettable India. Visit India and travel from the capital Delhi to spiritual Varanasi, through Panna, Discover the irrepressible colours and cultures of India on this extended holiday Join us for a trailblazing adventure tour across this huge country.

From the ghats of Take a tour of Nepal and India from Kathmandu to Delhi. Visit the birthplace of Buddha Take road less travelled from Nepal to India on a day tour. Start in Kathmandu, spot Travel to India and cycle the romantic Rajasthan region. Tour from Delhi to Pushkar and Rajasthan Adventure.

Classic Rajasthan - Holi Festival. Travel to India and visit the Rajasthan region and celebrate the Holi festival. Your whole family will love this incredible sensory adventure into the diverse life of India Vegan Food Adventure. This day tour traverses India from south to north, winding from Kochi to Delhi and South India Real Food Adventure.

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From spicy curries and fragrant biryanis to flaky pastries and the scent of coconuts, Epic India to Nepal. From the deserts of Rajasthan to the holiest river around, India will blow you away India: Women's Expedition. Discover what life is like for women living in Rajasthan, India on this female-only Take an action-packed solo parent family tour of India, following tiger trails, Epic Nepal to India.

Spend time in Kathmandu and Pokhara and see where Buddha did his thing. Get active with Ready for an epic jaunt from Trivandrum to Goa? Drift through the Kerala backwaters and Take an essential tour through Nepal and India on a day adventure from Kathmandu Beginning in the hustle and bustle of Delhi, travel through Jaipur, Varanasi, Bandipur, Lift your spirits as you float on the Ganges at dawn, explore the city and nearby Sarnath.

Essential Diwali Festival in India. Celebrate the festival of lights the local way and watch the country erupt in happiness North India Adventure. India's Golden Triangle - Diwali Festival. Experience Delhi and the spectacular Diwali festival on this unique, small-group Enjoy a cycling adventure along the south west coast of India, visiting the sandy Begin in Dehli, and head Whether it's on a raft, two feet or two wheels, adventure can be found everywhere in Taj Mahal Extension.

Visit India and travel from Delhi to Agra. India: Mind, Body, Spirit. This transformative journey explores the science of life and wellness, as traditionally Travel from the bustling streets of Kolkata into Odisha, travelling between markets Tibet: Beijing to Delhi.

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Cross from Beijing to Delhi on an epic journey, seeing the temples and stupas of Lhasa, Show more trips. Travel lightly with Intrepid. Read more. Sep 10, The top 6 destinations for travel in November Why wait for the Christmas break to finally take that holiday you've been dreaming Sep 09, The top 11 destinations for travel in December Jul 31, Why visiting a Sikh temple was the highlight of May 29, 5 experiences in Asia worth getting up early for It can be tempting to sleep in when you're on holiday.

But there are definitely May 06, 7 festival trips that should definitely be on Travelling with a disability can add an extra layer of difficulty that requires a Find out what makes Rishikesh one of the top spots to find a little bit of Just in time for International Women's Day, we're bringing you four new Women's Mar 06, This Agra cafe is run by survivors of acid The food on offer at Agra's Sheroes Cafe is fresh and tasty, but the fare is not Feb 17, The warning nobody gives you when travelling to Feb 06, 4 must-have experiences in South India, Jan 23, What to expect on a wellness adventure in India To learn more about yoga, meditation and Ayurveda, you need to travel to the Jan 14, India, as a teenager: 8 things I learned on my Maybe I am biased because India was my first big trip out of the country, but I Dec 31, Everything you need to pack for a trip to India If you want to pack efficiently for India, throw out all the rules you usually We quizzed the Varanasi-born, Delhi-based guide on everything from her favourite The Intrepid Foundation supports more than 50 local, grassroots projects from Dec 04, How to spend a day like a local in Jaipur, Nov 28, Why Orchha is an underrated addition to any More than big cities like Delhi and Kathmandu, I yearn to be back in Orchha.

Nov 12, Everything you need to know about overnight The journeys were quirky and rewarding immersive experiences, and I would gladly Nov 12, From rookie tourist to responsible traveller After several trips spent navigating Asia's foreign customs, I have transitioned Nov 06, 4 life lessons I learned from India as a Nov 04, Embrace the unexpected: what my trip to India Oct 15, 7 memorable experiences you should have in I visited the Taj on my recent Classic Rajasthan trip, but it lags far back in my Oct 08, Why I chose adventure in India over a As my wife and I walked back to the palace, we talked about how such an experience Sep 12, Why you should consider Asia for your next Asia manages to instil a sense of child-like wonder in even the most seasoned of Aug 30, What I discovered as a solo female traveller in Aug 28, Why you should visit Jodhpur, the blue gem of After being an Intrepid local leader for over 13 years, walking in my childhood Diwali is one of the best and most magical times of year to travel to India.

Aug 09, How to travel through India, plastic-free Here are my essentials, tips and wonderful experiences of plastic-free travel Without this tour and our absolutely incredible Indian guide, Chetan, I never Jul 04, Travelling to India for the first time? Jam-packed cities, chilled-out beaches, mystical mountains, vast deserts Yep, it's true.

The Taj Mahal will, as of April , endure a cleansing mud mask Jun 28, Getting around in Delhi, India: A guide to the You could splash out on Ubers and rickshaws to get from A to B in Delhi, but the Jun 19, South India in one week: The ultimate guide Although it's second time visitors that often choose to head to South India, this Jun 17, How to sound like a local in India: Your guide Study up on the Jun 03, Tea, Tibetan culture and Tiger Hill views Looking to escape the usual chaos of India?

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Then head to Darjeeling, its delicious May 12, 5 reasons why India is a great destination for May 07, Vegan foodie? These 5 destinations are perfect But try as they might, some countries are just simply better able to accommodate May 03, The magic of moving out of your comfort zone in Apr 30, Brunching in Asia: 9 delicious breakfasts you How would you like to swap your usual brunch favourites for something a little Apr 23, 5 reasons why Kerala deserves a place on every Apr 11, Everything you need to know about a night or Apr 10, Celebrating life after cancer on a once-in-a Mar 20, 6 destinations to discover in India before India is a vast country with a huge array of cultures, landscapes and cuisines.

Discovering the Living Root Bridges of Cherrapunjee wasn't the only thing in According to police documents, Simhadri is alleged to have given some of the victims prasadam -- a type of religious offering eaten by Hindus and Sikhs -- which was laced with cyanide, a chemical used to clean metals and in manufacturing which can be fatal in high doses. In other cases, he is alleged to have told the victims that the cyanide was a traditional medicine. In nine of the cases, Simhadri allegedly stole property from the victims, according to documents released by police in Eluru, a city in Andhra Pradesh.

The first alleged victim, Vallabhaneni Umamahewara, died in his garden on February 15, Police allege Simhadri gave Umamahewara, 63, cyanide-laced prasadam, claiming it would help improve his chances of receiving good luck.

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Simhadri is then alleged to have killed eight others in various locations throughout Andhra Pradesh. But it wasn't until his 10th alleged victim that he was caught. On October 17, teacher Kati Nagaraju, 52, was found unconscious in Eluru, according to police.

Am I Eligible. Annual Report Ayushman Bharat scheme to be launched in Puducherry tomorrow. Video Gallery. Ayushman Bharat Start-up Grand Challenge.

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Photo Gallery. Gallery Image. Twitter Feed. Tweets by AyushmanNHA. Email The subscriber's email address. Read more about In Ayushman Bharat, primary and secondary healthcare complement each other Add new comment There is no trade-off between primary care and curative care; the policy challenge is to strengthen both.