What does peoples butcrack look like

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What Causes a Rash on the Butt?

Use a browser to access the site instead of Tapatalk. Cookies Tapatalk. Feb 4, 1. This is for scientific purposes : I have theory that the higher your butt crack is, the more booty meat you have. I base this off the fact that I and other flat-assed folks can bend over in low rise jeans and nothing shows, while y'all big booty judys display ass crack every time you tie you tie your shoe. So tell me, do you have high crackage and tons of junk in the trunk? Feb 4, 2. Feb 4, 3. I think the booty crack looks high because it's on a bigger shelf and more upright than those sad booties dragging on the floor.

Feb 4, 4.

Feb 4, 5. I wanna see pics Feb 4, 6. I'd rather have a high butt crack and a big butt than a flat pancake booty.. I started getting these cysts in my twenties and I've had so many I can't count. Usually the flare up would be around my menstrual cycle. I stopped eating all meat 7 years ago and haven't had one. Although, the last week I start to eat eggs. I ate them every morning for breakfast. A week later, I have a cyst again. These things are terrible!!!!! I'm 30 years old. Last year I had surgery for my cyst. It has returned.

It's very red and it's very painful. I had my first one when I was 13 as well, which was strange because I'm neither particularly hairy nor obese. After about seven months of dressing, I had the surgery. Six months after it, came back double the size on the same spot, which was the tip of my scar from the previous operation. I was 22 years old and four months pregnant with my first child when I developed my first pilonidal cyst.

My doctor gave me an antibiotic and told me it should help. It took a month for it to burst and finally heal up. I thought I was in the clear but then two years later, two months after my second son was born, the cyst came back with a vengeance.

What Is A Pilonidal Cyst?

It grew to be the size of a golf ball and stood out about an inch and a half on my tailbone. I couldn't sit.

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I couldn't lie down. Every bit of movement made me miserable almost unbearable pain. My doctor eventually had to lance it. I am now 26 and have another cyst in the same place as the other two times.

Why Does My Butt Sweat So Much?

I have had my first pilonidal cyst at the age of I am not very hairy, and the doctor thought it's weird that I had it. It started with some pain at the tailbone and within 48 hours the pain became intolerable. That is in addition to the fact that it started draining which i initially though was just a wound back there. Within five days, the doctor performed incision and drainage procedure. I have been changing dressing for two months straight and the doctor kept saying that the wound is clean and there is most likely no need to do the procedure again!

However, a clever nurse once asked for permission to dig around in the wound, and she found out that there is some hair. She called the doctor and showed him. He decided to do a surgery one month later. I have just done the surgery and suffering from the daily dressing changes. I am 28 years old, and for the last 10 years I have had 7 pilonidal cyst surgeries.

If You Find A Pimple At The Top Of Your Butt Crack It May Actually Be A Pilonidal Cyst

I have also had plastic surgery back there to hopefully re-construct the area. Make sure the physician closes the site. I am not over weight and I am not hairy, they told me it was caused by the dimple I had. Now, after having so many surgeries I have severe leg pain in the front of my thighs, I have nerve damage and I can't sit on hard surfaces due to severe scar tissue. I have been on pain medications for the last 10 years and don't know what to do. The pain from pilonidal cyst started one day and just felt like my lower back was hurting.

I have scoliosis , so I assumed that's what my problem was. As the days went by, it became worse and worse to the point where I couldn't sit; it hurt to walk, and I had trouble even sleeping. I developed a bump at the very top part of my bottom. One day I felt it pop.

I went to the emergency room where the doctor informed me I had a pilonidal cyst, so he cut it and drained it. All the information from this website is exactly right from the symptoms to the treatment. Just be sure to go to the doctor!! When I first got the cyst, I thought it was a pimple and ignored it because at the time I had really bad body acne. I left it alone for about 2 years and it would swell and go back down. Its normal size was about the size of a marble and it would swell to about the size of a shooter marble.

As you can imagine it was very uncomfortable to sit for very long. I had had it for about 3 years and it had never bothered me very bad until I rode a wooden roller coaster at Six Flags. It made my life miserable for about a week then I finally told my mom about the embarrassing cyst on my tail bone. I had been researching it and trying to figure out what it was that was causing me so much discomfort. I went to my pediatrics and they sent me to a surgeon. He numbed and drained it that day the numbing didn't help, that was the most pain I had ever been in and scheduled to have it completely removed a couple days later.

The surgery did not last very long and I was asleep for the entire thing. They did not close the hole up because they said it was a very dirty part of the body and they didn't want it to get infected. I didn't feel any pain for the first day or two and then it became very sore.

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I had to change out the bandages daily. Luckily my best friend's aunt was a nurse so my mom didn't have to do the dirty work. The only time it ever hurt really badly was when I unpacked it in the shower and when my friend's aunt put pressure on it when she packed it back. The doctor said it should be completely healed within six to eight weeks.

It took mine almost 6 months to completely heal. I lived my life normally while It was healing and when it was done I could do so many more things than I could when I had it.

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It was a very unwise choice to wait that long. Do not let it get as bad as mine. Life is so much better without it. I just turned sixteen years old and I started having severe pains three days before my birthday.