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For example, an employer may require annual or semi-annual drug tests or criminal background checks for their employees to help create a safe and secure workplace. Typically, an employment background check includes information and records from the past seven years, although some states allow up to 10 years.

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If the position is specialized, applicants and employees may undergo further screenings. Further, the Fair Credit Reporting Act FCRA requires employers to comply with certain regulations to ensure that the background check process is done fairly.

For example, employers must get written permission from applicants and employees and let them know it might use the information it finds in its decision about their employment. With this advance notice, the candidate has a chance to review the report for errors as well as explain negative information, such as gaps in their employment history, convictions, and criminal offenses. Employers typically outsource employment background checks to a third-party company that has access to the necessary databases, including police records, credit reports, medical records, and more.

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Employment screening vendors will advertise that it is certified or accredited by the FCRA. The cost of an employment background check can depend on what the employer wants to include for review. Many employment screening vendors, including GoodHire, offer discount pricing for bulk orders. A criminal background check is often required in situations where a person or organization needs to know about major criminal activity, including violent or sex crimes, fraud, embezzlement, or felony convictions before making a decision regarding employment, adoption, military enlistment, a firearm purchase, and more.

Depending on the industry, such as healthcare, there may be regulations against hiring certain felons if their conviction is relevant to the job. For the formerly incarcerated, a criminal record is a barrier to reentering the workforce, making it much more difficult for ex-felons to rehabilitate into society. In an effort to increase employment opportunities and decrease recidivism rates , the federal government offers incentives to employers for hiring convicted felons through the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program.

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Different states have different variations of criminal background checks. Examples include a level 1 background check, which is a state-only name-based check and employment history check; and a level 2 background check, which is a state and national fingerprint-based check and consideration of disqualifying offenses.

Often, many of these searches are included in a basic background check, however, some background check services may charge an additional fee to check for aliases or to search federal, state, and county criminal records in addition to national databases. Any time a person purchases a firearm from a licensed importer, manufacturer, or dealer, the seller must perform a universal background check via the National Instant Background Check System NICS to determine whether a prospective buyer is eligible to purchase a firearm.

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Thirty-two states allow gun transfers between unlicensed individuals without a background check and the remaining 18 states and DC place restrictions on private gun sales, requiring a federally licensed dealer FFL to run a background check before a transfer can be completed. Many employers run the OIG background check before hiring an employee or entity, and routinely afterward to ensure their employees do not get added to the list once hired. Search results include date of birth, address, and reason for exclusion and can be confirmed with a Social Security number SSN.

If an employer fails to run the OIG background check and hires someone whose name is on the sanctions list, the employer could be forced to pay civil monetary penalties. The employer is also potentially at risk for safety and liability issues. In the following cases, the OIG has the discretion to add individuals or entities to the list, or leave them off:. E-Verify is used by employers to verify the identity and employment eligibility of newly hired employees.

The online check compares information from the I-9 form new employees are required to fill out with government records to confirm that the employee is authorized to work in the U. Form I-9 and E-Verify are similar in their purpose, but E-Verify takes the process one step further to make sure new employees are authorized to work in the country.

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Here are some key differences between the two:. Launched in , the Automated Fingerprint Identification System AFIS stores more than 35 million sets of fingerprints, mostly submitted by law enforcement agencies. If the employer wishes to conduct an additional background check from an employee in the future, it may do so for employment purposes only, by obtaining written consent from the employee. An employer does not need permission to run an additional check however, if they suspect the employee of wrongdoing or misconduct CA Civil Code Section Under federal law however, a credit report may contain records of criminal convictions indefinitely.

If an employer takes adverse employment action based on a report obtained through an investigation of employee wrongdoing or misconduct :.

To determine this risk, the employer must perform a full assessment of the employee and the job to determine if disregarding the information would put someone at risk. Skip to content Credit Reports and Background Checks.

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Does an employer, or employer, have the right to review my credit history? Does an employer need to provide notice that it is accessing my credit report? Does the employer need my permission to access my credit report?

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