How to trace blocked phone calls

This way you will not receive calls from blocked numbers. The service provider may charge you with a certain amount of fee for this service. You need to note down the number of times you get the call, the time of the day and what is being spoken on the phone.

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Even if the person does not say anything and just remains silent or breathes heavily, it amounts to harassment. You should file a complaint regarding these blocked calls and ask them to look into the matter.

Caller ID and Caller ID Blocking FAQs

The police will trace a blocked call and issue warnings to the offending party. If necessary, charges may also be filed against the person bombarding you with these harassing calls. Many times, someone just tends to make harassing phone calls for fun as they have nothing better to do in life.

Call Trace

The best thing to do is hang up on the caller without saying anything. If you get angry or express your discomfort, you are just giving them a chance to trouble you more. If this doe not work, set up a voice mail system. Whenever someone calls, the recording for voice mail should say something on similar lines:.

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  7. I am sorry I cannot receive the call right now. Please leave a message as we are receiving harassing calls.

    If the calls being received from a blocked number do not rise to the level of unlawful harassment, there are other safeguards you can put in place to make sure that only unblocked calls get through to your phone. Contact your phone company.

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    The telephone company's customer service number is listed on your phone bill. Tell the telephone customer service representative that you would like to set up call trace service on your telephone account. This service may have already been automatically activated for your account, but call to be certain.

    How to view blocked phone numbers

    The number will be recorded by the telephone company's unlawful call center. Contact your local police station to file a harassment complaint.

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    The police should provide you with a case number for your complaint. Contact your telephone company's unlawful call center. Provide the call center representative with your account information and complaint file case number. The telephone company is not allowed to turn over the blocked call number to you, but will give the number to law enforcement.

    In the course of following up on your filed complaint, the police will likely reveal the blocked call number to you.

    Use Call Trace Immediately press and release switch hook and listen for special dial tone. Already hung up? Listen for normal dial tone. Press 5 7 and listen for a confirmation announcement. In some areas you will hear instructions to follow.

    Unknown Callers? How to Block Telemarketers, Scammers & Spammers on iPhone

    Exception: Seneca Gorham and Rochester , press 6 4. Hang up. Contact Frontier customer service within 10 days.