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Printer Friendly Book List. Adventures of Arnie the doughnut series.

Friends Reunited

Adventures of the Bailey School kids series. Annabell the actress starring in series. Bunjitsu Bunny vs. Captain Awesome vs.

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Caveboy is a hit! Chapter book charmers collection series. Charlie Bumpers vs. It's not a dinosaur! Disney club penguin pick your path series. Disney palace pets whisker haven series. The hall monitors are fired! Flat Stanley's worldwide adventure series. The U.

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What's black and white and stinks all over? Attack of the tighty whities! It's a bird, it's a plane, It's Toiletman! Heidi Heckelbeck is the bestest babysitter! Junie B. Katie Kazoo, switcheroo super special series. LEGO ninjago, masters of Spinjitzu series. Little house chapter books: Caroline years series. Little house chapter books: Laura years series. Magic school bus science chapter book series. Smith's spy school for girls series.

In stitches with Ms. It's Halloween, I'm turning green! Friend or fiend? On with the show! Game over, Super Rabbit Boy! Super Rabbit Boy powers up!

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Super rabbit racers! Super rabbit boy blasts off! Robo-Rabbit Boy, go! Princess Pink and the land of fake-believe series. Quit buggin' me! Wag, you're it! Rainbow magic: The baby animal rescue fairies series. Rainbow magic: The fairy tale fairies series. Rainbow magic: The fashion fairies series. Rainbow magic: The fun day fairies series.

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Rainbow magic: The magical animal fairies series. Rainbow magic: The magical crafts fairies series. Rainbow magic: The music fairies series. Rainbow magic: The ocean fairies series. Rainbow magic: The party fairies series. Rainbow magic: The sports fairies series. Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot vs.

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Secrets of Droon special edition series. There will be moments of doubt and terror but Tom is soon deeply involved in the community, finally achieving the status he had failed to achieve at work when he becomes the chairman of the newly-established social club. Into the voluntary organisation with time on their hands, assume responsibility, refuse to delegate or trust others and then, as a conseqeunce, 'have' to do everything for themselves. Tom Baldwin, having let go of paid employment, soon finds himself working full-time for no payment, but he loves it and so does Edie, who hardly sees him, busy as she is with her garden and the Ladies Committee.

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It's all a far cry from that immediate post-retirement ennui that had Tom sweeping leaves off the lawn on a daily basis Roland Wales in his excellent biography of R. Sherriff From Journey's End to the Dambusters, suggests that with the extension of the tube line into the countryside came 'an explosion of house-building around the fringes of London,' likening it to John Betjeman's Metroland and in particular to the Surrey area that R. Sherriff knew well and to which my family also moved in the s. He lived barely eight miles from us now that I think about it.

Cue a curious excursion onto Google street view as I go and have a wander up and down Russell Road in Mitcham fifty five years approx after I roller skated these very pavements That's it, the cream house, number 36 and there's my little bedroom window youngest child always gets the box room. On this side lived the Vickers and on the other side the Nuns which we always thought was hilarious. Gone are the privet hedges, bane of my Dad's life with his hand shears, and long-gone the lino, but I'll bet there were a few Tom Baldwins around back in the day keeping us all organised and involved.

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Greengates received positive reviews on publication in And I feel a slight twinge of sadness at having read the last of R. And I'm thinking too about other male writers from this era and suddenly Nevil Shute has come to mind. Born three years later and a very different writer, but I haven't read any of his in ages More about it soon, but meanwhile head for library reservations, it's fascinating.

Wednesday, May 10, Permalink Comments Some time ago I had started to read Making Conversation by Christine Longford as one of the Great Unread on my Persephone bookshelf and was struck dumb by the first paragraph Ellen, the cook-general, undid the wrappings, which revealed a small cardboard box, and in it, on a bed of cotton wool, a brooch which said "Ellen," in bright gold, written in a cursive hand, with a line below it and a full stop after it. What follows, when Martha inadvertently reveals that it had cost 'only sixpence' quite took me aback People like that don't, if you tell them the price.

Never do it again. Struck dumb because in my mind was the notion that I had definitely seen something similar as a child in my mum's jewellery box.

I could visualise the brooch, my mum's name Vera, and all wrapped up with it the memory of my mum telling me that my dad had bought it for her on a pier somewhere during their courting days. There was nothing of great value in there, but it was all treasure to me. However, whilst the box remains, the jewellery seemed to have been scattered and what followed was the most almighty rummage and upheaval maybe even a days-worth in total before the Eureka moment.

Once I had thought of it I had to find it. The photo suggests something a bit hefty but in fact it is barely an inch long and the wire is very fine.